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Identify your barriers and achieve your writing goals

If you’re struggling to meet your daily NaNoWriMo word count, or any other writing goals, take a few minutes for some useful procrastination to help you hit your writing targets.

Develop your characters’ goals and discover your story

Understanding your hero’s goals will help you plan your plot line and develop the engaging, motivated characters your readers will love to follow. Here are three easy steps to get you on your way to developing your characters’ goals.

What really motivates your characters?

To get to the heart of what motivates your characters, you need to find out what’s most important to them. Here are three exercises to find out what values drive your characters.

How to find inspiration  

It’s easy to get an idea for writing, said playwright Lajos Egri. Find inspiration by taking a quiet moment to observe the world around you and within you.

Overcome your inner critic

The mind can be a writer’s harshest critic, and it never seems to shut up. But you don’t need to pay attention to everything it says. In this post, we introduce three techniques to help you cope with self-criticism.

Five reasons why you need a professional editor for your novel

Authors can be tempted to cut corners in editing and production to save money. That’s risky because the quality of the final product can suffer. A poorly edited and produced novel risks being unread.

Why do you need professional editing for your novel?

Editing is like housework, it goes unnoticed unless it’s not done. Here are five reasons why professional editing is a necessity for your writing.

5 ways to cut the cost of a professional editor

Jim Dempsey describes five easy fixes for authors who want to save money on professional editing services.

Is your editor worth it? Or not?

If you’re thinking of employing an editor for your novel, take a look at this detailed list to help you decide if the editor is worth it. Or not.

Is it my writing or is it my editor?

An article featured in Writer's Digest explaining the kinds of corrections an editor can make to a manuscript, and how editors and authors can work together to make a great novel even better.